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Acrylic on Canvas 96”x144” $62,000

(Call or email for purchasing details)


Electric Philly
A friend of mine came back from an auction with some new horses for his packing outfit. Of the four in the field, I noticed one. She was muscular and energized. While the others were heads down and tails up, she trotted around finding the fence line. I could tell that pony was too juiced to fall in line. Leaning against the fence, I said, “she is no packhorse, that philly is electric.” As it turns out, she didn’t take to packing and ended up with my friends niece as a pretty solid barrel racer.

That Philly wasn’t the prettiest horse, kind of cobby with a mane like a fjord, but she had the energy and spirit of a great horse.

ELECTRIC PHILLY - Signed Gallery Wrap Prints

  • Canvas Gallery Wrap Print: 


    48”x72”- $2500

    24”x36”- $950


    A “Gallery Wrap” is a method of stretching an artist’s canvas print so that the print wraps around the sides of a frame called stretcher bars. The gallery wraps are then created by securing the canvas prints to the back of wooden frames in the traditional way using staples. This method of stretching and preparing canvas prints does not need an decorative art frame, though you can certainly add one if you wish.

    Hand stretched by craftsmen, not machines, for a look that feels natural – not mass produced.
    Wires instead of a backer means the print hangs flatter against the wall to avoid unsightly gaps
    Comes ready to hang – we’ve installed the hardware for you.
    Genuine artist canvas reveals the fine art feel of your work.
    A variety of stretcher sizes and border styles.
    Can be framed later.

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